Theater Of The Dead Auditions

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Auditions for The Golden Theater of the Dead will be held at Oh! Susanna Vintage Photo Parlor (1117 Washington Ave, Golden CO 80403) on:

  • Friday, Sept 15th at 7 - 10 PM
  • Saturday Sept 16th at 1- 4 PM

Auditions must be scheduled ahead of time. Please prepare a 1 to 2 minute dramatic contemporary monologue.

Show Scenario

THE THEATER OF THE DEAD is an interactive murder mystery event running through the month of October in Golden.  

The story is broken into several locations in downtown Golden. Actors will move between these locations and perform a scene for audience members who will try to put together the story and figure out an unsolved murder which took place in 1892. All cast members are spirits from 1892, so ghostly makeup and period clothing will be used.  It is part scripted theatrical performance, and part improvisational.  Think an interactive game of Clue with downtown Golden as the game board - a cross between murder mystery theater and 'Sleep No More'.


Host -  Madame Zervanos (Medium from Eastern Europe)

Sheriff Fine - ruggedly handsome, serious straight shooter, rough around the edges, all the women bat their eyes at him to no avail, secretly he has feelings for Hattie, but Saloon Girl Sally will do in his weaker moments

Deputy Dick  - not the sharpest tool in the shed but wears his badge proudly, takes his job overly serious (comedic)

Mr. Schmedley - Hotel Owner with zero sex appeal, all about running things orderly, neat freak, single and awkwardly attempts to talk to women

Millie Lancaster - our victim in the murder and younger sister to Hattie.  She is naive & impulsive. She came to Golden to apologize to her sister for sleeping with her fiance and marrying him.  Brought divorce papers to prove relationship was over

Saloon Girl Sally -  Clever girl who gets men to do her dirty work for the promise of sexual favors. Wants Sheriff Fine all to herself.  Her willingness to make a cheap buck gets her into trouble.

Lawless Lou - Miner who lost his money on a belly up mine. Down on his luck, he comes to Golden to drink his blues away.  Mesmerized by Sally’s charm, he does whatever she asks of him without much thinking of the repercussions.

William Byron - High Society Denverite who married into wealth and along with his wife, Amanda, built  Denver’s first newspaper. He is driven by his ego, loud and persuasive and wrote many sensationalizing news stories to sell papers.  He wants to run for governor.  Has been advised by his high society male friends to end his 4 year affair with his mistress, Hattie Sandborne to help keep his image squeaky clean.   

Amanda Byron - The ever loving wife of William Byron.  Nothing is more important than supporting her husband’s dream, on the outside -  but inside she is cool and calculating and the real reason the paper has found great success.  She writes for the newspaper under the pen name, “A. Barker” and much smarter than her husband.

Hattie Sandborne - A business woman who is a milliner and owns a hat shop in Golden.  She is calm under pressure, always a lady but has to make it in a man’s world. Attractive & admired by many men in town, but she is emotionally unavailable because of her torrid relationship with William Byron.  It is a difficult time for her as Byron wants to pursue a political career and she is being blackmailed to end the relationship by an unknown person. On top of that - her estranged sister who ran off with Hattie’s fiance’ 4 years ago, is set to arrive from Nebraska into Golden.  


October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st 2017

Performances begin at 7:00 in GOLDEN and finish by 10 PM

Pay will be a percentage of ticket sales plus tips.

Rehearsal Schedule:

3 nights a week beginning the week of Sept 18th, 7 PM in Golden.  Cast attendance will be determined by the scenes being rehearsed since not all roles are present in all scenes. All cast members will be notified in advance.