Greetings, Dear Visitor! 
We welcome you into the wild, wondrous and always unpredictable world of Madame Zervanos’ Traveling Mystery Show.  You may believe you have landed here, because you are searching for an enjoyable, murder mystery dinner experience.  But, does anything really happen by chance?
However, if you are only hoping to attend a dinner show, where you have a few laughs whilst watching a comedy performance that eventually solves a murder - one that, ultimately, leaves you not caring who did what to whom – than, we are probably not the show for you.
If, on the other hand, you find it nearly impossible to resist a good puzzle, trust your instincts about people regardless of superficial details, and simply adore the idea of traveling to another time and place to unravel, let us say, a true, one hundred or more-year-old mystery, (a very, cold case, indeed!) - then, by all means, please, do come join us! 
We travel to wherever we are called.  For in every old town, in every old place in which people once gathered, there are mysteries waiting to be uncovered, murderous crimes left unsolved.  Years, decades, even centuries of dust, may cloak -nay, choke-  unhappy spirits that are desperate for the truth of their demise to be known, and the guilty exposed.
Madame Mizela Zervanos is called to these haunted places, by the voices of those that cannot rest until justice has prevailed. And, despite being the most unorthodox of detectives, (although, she would never describe herself in such bland, unfeeling terms as “one who detects”) be assured, she will not be deterred by those who want to keep the past buried, nor intimidated by investigators who practice more conventional forms of deduction, who ridicule and reject her “primitive,” “supernatural” methods of discernment.  If you ask her what she does, she will tell you, “Bones rise to top of grave when time comes for truth. I smell the bones.”  And for every old unsolved murder, there is someone directly involved or ancestrally related, who is every bit as desperate as their ghostly victims; someone willing to do whatever it takes to evade capture . . .even if that should require more murders.
 Madame Zervanos welcomes you to accompany and assist her as she tries to find peace for these long suffering souls.  But, as we step back into the past, there are a few requirements for your participation in an evening of mystery.  We ask that you come attired in clothing that is appropriate to the time and place. When you choose the time travel adventure you would like to be part of, there will be pictures of the styles of the day and a list of the types of people who populated the town at that point in history in which the crime occurred. As you fall back into another world, you can be whomever you’d like and name yourself accordingly. When you arrive for your evening of mystery, we will ask some of our guests, dependent upon how they chose to dress, to be specific characters who truly lived in the town, at that time.  If they are agreeable to being chosen, these characters will have a somewhat more significant involvement in the evening’s adventure.
Please know, too, that everyone is going to feel a part of this evening:  the fun, the mystery, the excitement, and the fear, as we slip back into another era, and try to catch a killer.
We look forward to traveling with you! 
Madame Zervanos Traveling Mystery Show